Only 2% of web traffic converts during the first visit. Most people need some more time to make an ultimate decision. But after a while people tend to forget what they were looking for and where they saw it. Retargeting ads will remind them about their initial search and bring them back to your website.

Since people act differently, we customize the retargeting ads for different types of customer behavior on your website:

  • If the customer just glanced at your website, the ad will show him/her the offerings he/she didn’t explore during the first visit, thereby inviting him/her to come back.
  • If the customer visited your website, searched for some particular items or services, and left, the ads of these items/services will appear next time he/she browses the web.
  • If the customer didn’t complete the purchase or started to fill out a form without completing it, the retargeting ad will remind him/her to return and carry it through.

Motivate your visitors to return to your website, to complete the transaction, and to make a new purchase

  • A highly productive form of online advertising in today’s Internet marketing
  • A powerful branding and conversion optimization tool
  • Converts potential customers into real clients
  • Brings back customers to your website

Now you are able to set up the cross-device retargeting. The concept is simple but it can have far-reaching effects.

We all use different devices to access the web. So, a customer on his/her way to work visits your website via a smartphone. At the workplace he/she uses the desktop, at home he/she has a tablet. To keep in contact with such a customer and be able to remind him/her about your site, you need to set up cross-device retargeting.

Since mobile web browsing is overtaking desktop browsing, cross-device retargeting will deliver you even more leads than you had before.

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