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While someone is trying to unravel the mystery of Google’s 200 different ranking factors, Webxloo is completely prepared to improve your website ranking in Google, Bing and Yahoo.

Although the importance of a professional approach to SEO is more than obvious, there are still those who get it all wrong.

SEO is a combination of 2 parts: on page and off site optimization. These two SEO techniques are closely connected and the highest conversion rate can be reached only by using both.


On site SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages in order to rank higher and earn more relevant traffic in search engines. It is fundamental and a first step you need to take. Nobody throws a party at an unfinished house. The most important and noteworthy on site SEO techniques are:

  • The latest and most relevant content
    The content of a website is what the customer comes to see. Search engines are very attentive to a users’ behavior. When users visit your website, most of them stay there for 10 seconds or less and then leave, search engines will notice this and drop your page rankings down. So the goal is to improve your content on a continual basis.
  • SEO keywords within pages
    Keywords are very important to track your website among all the others. You need to know your target audience and what queries they use to find the products you offer.
  • Internal links
    Internal links are hyperlinks that lead to another page on the same website. Aside from the fact that it helps users to navigate better, it increases their time on site - and both indicators are perceived as positive by search engines.
  • Meta tags
    These are similar to well-known blog tags, but hidden from the user’s sight. Search engines identify meta tags as a description of data placed in page's code. Written correctly, they can have a very substantial impact on search engine results.
  • URLs optimization
    Customers don’t like to click on uninformative, hard-to-read links. Instead, well-crafted, descriptive URL's gives the impression that this link leads towards what the users are looking for. The result of the URLs optimization is a proper perception of the page by users, and increase of clickthrough rate (CTR) and, ultimately, a high website ranking.
  • Descriptive images, videos, charts and schemes
    Users like not only to read, but also to watch. Meaningful illustrations, and videos on YouTube, that lead to your website can really work in your favor.

Webxloo can cover all these points for your brand. Our SEO services will increase the usability of your pages, provide higher conversion rates and enhance your website performance.

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