With so many opportunities these days, it becomes hard to choose what platform to use in building your website. In order to have a strong, competitive online presence, businesses are struggling to develop well-designed and up-to-date websites to attract more and more customers. So, companies require a site that can be easily managed through regular updates. This business requirement has led to the emergence of Joomla Content Management System (CMS). Joomla is open source platform which was built with one function in mind: Content Management. This is what makes it so powerful and widely used. Because it works on a template system, it lets users simply drop in their content and the website does the rest automatically. Joomla is a fantastic solution for managing your website and all the various tools required to help your business grow.

The actual building of a Joomla website does require a professional hand. This is where Webxloo will help you! But once the website has been built, you have full control over the content, menus, modules and the position of all elements through the administrative panel.


  • Your entire website is managed via your administration control panel. Everything from the look and feel: text, images, audio, video, music, PDF documents etc;
  • Easily add content to the website, modify or edit it for improved performance of the website. 100’s of templates and themes available, as well as fully customizable HTML;
  • Search engine friendly CMS platform that can be used to enhance performance and increase the visibility in search engines. A number of built in SEO elements are found in Joomla;
  • Offers high level of security. Only the owner of the site has full control of the website. A CMS can make certain pages viewable only for people you have chosen;
  • Using CMS, you can support a number of websites at the same time, and also provide support to multiple users;
  • CMS will allow your entire customers to find content fast. The advantages of having a search system in place on your website will save users the time;
  • With Content Management System you can post date articles and publish them on a certain time or day of the week;
  • Large and active user community for peer-to-peer support. You are not locked into using a proprietary CMS under a restricted license basis;
  • Joomla has an excellent resource of extensions allowing you to develop your website further and offer more functionality. Facilitates cost-effective development of business sites.

  • Many businesses every 2-3 years stay up-to-date change the look of their website every 2-3 years. With Joomla and our company's help a designer by a simple click switch the existing look of your website to the new one. So there is no complicated procedures of copying pages, or migrating a website into its new look.

    With so many benefits of Joomla and Webxloo, businesses can promote their products and services through easily manageable websites, thus increasing the efficiency, usability and functionality of your business website.