The social network audience is enormous and it would be a huge mistake not to try and use it for your benefit. Why? Because when you deal with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube or Pinterest you have a direct contact (in fact, a trust relationship) with your target audience. It greatly increases the possibility that these people will become your customers. Another thing is that it’s not so easy to realize it in practice.

Today Facebook is one of the most popular social networks in the world. Its content is equally distributed between entertaining and cognitive (intellectual) information. Thus the user’s average paying capacity in a Facebook account is much higher than in other popular social networks. Besides, currently Facebook functionality is top advanced. It can be used to provide different solutions for different businesses such as a website or blog replacement, an online store, geolocation in mobile applications, etc. You should definitely take advantage of Facebook potential in your business.

Are you curious to know some effective and very simple techniques to achieve success by using Facebook marketing? You are guaranteed to find inspiration for your business. Look at the tactic tips that work for B2B and B2C companies, both small and large:

  • The key to long-term partnerships with potential customers is the correct first impression of your product or service made on the audience. IdeaPaint does it with the help of detailed videos on how to use their products. Utilize the interactive "greeting tab" and add there the references to other web resources your company has. Integrate into "greeting tab" the buttons leading to your company's profiles in other social networks. You can also use videos to mentor and inspire your fans. Boost their engagement with Comments field. Publish the posts from your blog automatically (by using NetworkedBlogs) or manually add them to your wall.
  • If you try to get the ever-growing activity on your Facebook account you should think of different types of posts as well as of communication with the subscribers. American Express uses quotes, questions and articles on their wall to engage the page visitors in the conversation. It is also helpful to write short posts. Buddy Media provides the posts of about 80 characters long. Thus they receive 27% more involvement than the long ones. From time to time you can hold a conversation with your followers on the topics not related to your brand or niche. Find a creative way to encourage your target audience to publish their photos and videos. You can also use different applications to inspire Facebook users to share your content with their friends. So integrate your blog with Facebook page, publish different kinds of posts and form a partnership or friendship that will be useful for your page followers.
  • You should pay your attention to the avatar on your Facebook page. In the business built on partnership it is important for potential customers to see you as a person, but not a lifeless brand represented with the logo. The main Facebook image can also invite the users to click the tabs below. This trick allows you to keep your fans or the first time visitors on your page for a longer period of time. It will surely increase their involvement. So encourage users to take advantage of additional tabs.
  • To create a store utilize a Facebook commerce application, TabJuice. All companies want their followers to be more active, but only a few of them talk over the rules. PETCO does it in a friendly and composed manner. Use it.
  • The more you make users return to your Facebook page and stay there for a while, the more likely they will tell about you to their friends. Eventually when searching for a product or service they will remember, find and choose you. For this reason Red Bull company has created and successfully develops the series of games and television channels. Their example and experience may suggest you an idea of what can keep the visitors on your page.
  • Depending on your brand and status a personal meeting with the fans of your Facebook page by using Event tab can be an excellent solution to enhance your friendship.
  • Do not forget to place the link to your official website in "About Us" field. If you have a local business you can create a proper page showing the exact location of your store, office, etc. You can also try Facebook Places. Toll Booth Saddle Shop uses all these possibilities to be maximum socialized. They give users an opportunity to tell their friends that they like. The followers can also get a 10% discount by hitting "Like" button. Toll Booth encourages people to join their mailing list on their welcome page. They explain in a clear and easy way what benefits their users get from it. Toll Booth Saddle Shop posts humorous video series on their page every week. It is a great strategy to keep customers’ interest, both young and old. Many parents prefer to do shopping in the places where their children have fun. So use special offers for your Facebook followers in your online store. Give joy and use a sense of humor to your fans. Provide funny videos, photos, etc.
  • Build and strengthen your online community with meetings and cross-pages. You can extend the circle of your audience by facilitating your social group to the other communities around the world with Meetup app.
  • If you want to add a natural look to your business profile refuse from the gloss photos or pictures with professional models on your Facebook page. Provide the images of happy, smiling and cheerful buyers together with your products.
  • Allow your Facebook subscribers to affect your business by taking an active part in the product creation and design. Agitate your audience to vote for the best examples.
  • No matter how serious and authoritative your company is you can always make your Facebook rules cheerful and friendly. Publish notifications on your wall in a funny, friendly and personalized manner.

Use our marketing tips to improve your conversions and company positions on the world’s market.