EDI Management

Under current conditions even a small business passes through a huge amount of commercial and financial documentation. Traditional circuits of paper or electronic work with documents significantly limit your business potential due to the inherent weaknesses of these schemes. The only way out is a system of electronic data interchange - EDI, an electronic technology of fully automated transmission and exchange of structured data between different systems.

Webxloo development provides the services on EDI management. Our EDI system involves a fully automated interaction between the information systems of the partners, at the same time excluding the human part. Each participant may act as a sender and as a recipient which gives the maximum team-work effect. Our EDI technologies will allow you to not only save money, but also to simplify and optimize management and decision-making processes, and as a whole to improve you business efficiency.

Our EDI benefits will help you improve the speed of execution, processing and document transmission process as it is fully automated. You will reduce the number of errors for the human factor is excluded, and the cost on finding and fixing them.

EDI Management

Advantages of Webxloo EDI system:

  • Minor data transmission costs
  • Time saving for sales departments
  • A faster data transmission
  • Order accuracy
  • Reducing data re-entry
  • Reducing the paper document flow
  • Reducing the costs on activity coordination between organizations
  • Automation of document workflow

Webxloo EDI management makes it possible to implement new fast developing business processes and the latest technologies. They can significantly increase the turnover between partners, enhance their competitiveness on the market, optimize the business as a whole and improve its effectiveness.

By choosing a solution for EDI implementation into your business structure you should take into account the possibilities of increasing documentary processing speed, reducing costs and errors and improving your business relationships. Webxloo EDI system overcomes all limitations specific for paper-based documentary work and provides new opportunities for your business development.

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