The automotive sector is one of those industries that needs reliable software solutions the most. Today’s auto shoppers are especially looking for more convenient ways to buy vehicles, expecting this process to be an Amazon-like shopping experience. They are expecting that researching for a vehicle should be as hassle-free as looking for car accessories: easily found online, easily browsed through via advanced search options, compared and saved for later, and those things that 10 or 20 years ago you needed a salesman for. Today, however, you just need the right software.

The inevitable switch to digital car buying has already happened. The question remains: How are dealers going to act? Webxloo in collaboration with Autoxloo Automotive Management Solutions enables dealers to not only accept what they can no longer change but to make it work to their advantage. We develop, implement, and support dealer management system software for both wholesale and retail clients.

Webxloo is a Leading Edge Provider of Automotive Management Solutions & Dealer Management System Software
We help dealers to manage their inventories from the moment a vehicle arrives at their lot right through VIN number decoding via our Slingshot™ Mobile app and its comprehensive evaluation via the VIR™ Vehicle Inspection Report. Moreover, we push it live to the largest automotive marketplaces like OVE, Adesa, Smart Auction, etc with our AuctionLink™ data feed.

Once the vehicle is live, the sale process can be effectively facilitated by means of the flexibility and versatility of our CRM for car dealers. This allows businesses to keep track of the entire customer journey: from the initial point of contact right through to conversion.

To increase the visibility of your on-site offerings, we utilize our extensive knowledge of how the major search engines like Google and Bing rank dealer websites and what your online showroom needs in order to remain on top of SERPs year-round. We will improve your local car dealer SEO and optimize your automotive website to get it to show up in the Map Pack.

Depending on what services you offer, we can help you to attract more local visitors who are in search of vehicle repair or reconditioning services, tire replacement, oil and filter changes, trade-ins, parts and accessories, rentals, or any other automotive-related products and services.

If you are in search of a reliable automotive software company that will help you to sell more, expand your reach, and deliver an overall better customer experience, contact us here or on

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