WX CRM For Business: Make Customers Feel Valued

What is customer experience, and why has it become an essential factor in business? Nowadays, most clients value companies not only for their products or services but for the experience during the purchase period, from the first contact until months after closing the deal, customers still assess the behavior of your company.

What Do Customers Value Most in a Company

  • Support: Prospects value detailed information to find answers to all their questions, real information, short response times, immediate attention, or without an excessive delay.
  • Price: Not necessarily the lower price is valued as the most important factor in the transaction; what the client considers more critical is how fair the price is compared with the customer experience.
  • Integrity: It is the difference between what the company offers and the product that the customer receives. This value is reflected in honestly with your potential clients, being realistic with the product provided, fulfilling what you promised, and providing the best service from the beginning to the end of the transaction.

That is, the client does not want to wait 10 minutes on the phone, nor does he repeat the same request several times. Prospects also don't want to be called by different agents for the same product over and over. Bombarding with unnecessary calls and questions will lead the client to abandon his desire to purchase with your company. This problem can be avoided if you receive the customer's call through Customer Relationship Management by Webxloo. The agent can access all the data of the prospect, thus preventing unnecessary questions and following the transaction faster and in a more fluid way.

Many of the problems that lead companies to lose customers can be avoided. Previously, companies did not have such complete services to organize their tasks, on the contrary, employees used paper, pencils, notebooks, and documents that they easily lost. Furthermore, the information did not flow correctly; the data was incomplete or incorrect due to the lack of an organization system.

With our CRM for business, you can access the database and learn the status of each client and, only if necessary, contact them, thus streamlining the process and showing your prospect how valuable they are for your company.

The lack of understanding of customer demands can be a severe problem for your business, even more, when the prospect has to be transferred from one operator to another. With the CRM service, you can obtain and store all the information by recording the phone call or electronic mail messages stored in the system. Organize the information collected from the customer and share it efficiently with your team, ensuring a clear understanding and response to the client's needs.

Top Features of the Customer Relationship Management System by Webxloo

We will explore some features of WX CRM and how to use it to enhance the customer experience.

1. Lead Assignment Automation feature. With this option, the program will automatically assign leads to representative sales, ensuring that each prospect is taken into account.

  • Ensures that all prospects are served
  • CRM service improves the organization all the tasks for the team
  • Assignee gets an automatic notification and reminders of the task to be done
  • If a task is not completed on time, the manager will receive an automatic notification

2. Lead Scoring feature organizes your prospects into categories depending on their behavior. With this option, you know what your client is doing, how many times he visits your website, how many calls she does, etc. With all this information you can understand and offer what the customer really needs.

  • You get the lead automatically when the customer fills the form on your company website
  • You have the statistics and all the information and description of the customer behavior
  • Learn what services the prospect searched on your page, emails, and messages he sent to your company
  • Follow up with details all the history of the prospect and share it with your team

3. Automatic Follow-up Reminders. Don't miss any meetings or tasks, check the jobs unsolved, and keep on with all the necessary daily appointments with this useful feature.

4. Automated Billing & Invoicing. The app does it every time is needed, even if you forget to do it.

5. Contact Book (Targets, Leads, Contacts, Accounts, Opportunities) includes your potential customers' data accessible by the entire team but stored in a safe environment.

Webxloo's CRM service was designed to increase sales through customer experience. A client that is lost due to lack of centralization and organization is invested in a chain of losses. Fortunately, these are problems that can be solved with the powerful and multifunctional CRM for business by Webxloo.

Benefits of Using WX CRM in Your Company

  • Better data organization (customers contacts and data, track sales, etc.)
  • Enhanced communication within the team
  • Share information (between the group)
  • Increase your sales by attracting and keeping more clients

With this tool, you can track all your company's performance. You will know the behavior of your team, assign tasks, deadlines, and events. You can also assign or remove team members, create reports, and set goals for your organization. Evaluate the sales performance of each member of your party and more.

  • Handle significant amounts of information and organize it
  • Find all emails, calls, and data of the customer in one place
  • Prioritize the task and don't lose any customer

There is much more to know about the Webxloo CRM system, contact our team of professionals. Ask right now for a demo or get a price quote, and get the best benefits of this multifunctional service to retain and increase your customers.

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