Webxloo LLC wins the lawsuit against Gavel Technologies Corp. AKA WHIPS

The lawsuit was filed in 2019 with US District Court against Gavel Technologies Corp. AKA, Whips for failure to pay for the development and use of intellectual property provided by WEBXLOO to Gavel owned and operated by Joseph M. Symond, Founder and CEO and Ryan Scott Cowan, CFO & General Counsel. 

Webxloo LLC won the breach of contract lawsuit on November 2021 and was awarded the judgment to collect the full claimed amount due to Gavel Technologies Corp. failure to pay and losses incurred.

In its final judgment, the court stated that Gavel Technologies Corp. and persons of directorship, Joseph M. Symond and Ryan Scott Cowan will be responsible to fulfill the judgment to compensate Webxloo LLC for to total amount awarded.

As a final resolution to the judgment in favor of WEBXLOO LLC the courts will award ownership of GAVEL APP and WHIPS APP brands where Gavel Technologies Corp is to transfer due to its encroachment on the Intellectual property and Copyright owned by WEBXLOO LLC.

About Webxloo LLC

Webxloo was founded in 2005, as a SaaS and on-premises software development organization with a growing footprint of clients and partnerships in over 7 countries worldwide. The company's core capabilities are rapid mobile development and innovative enterprise solutions for the automotive (Autoxloo.com), wholesale (Auctionstreaming.com), unified communications (Webxloo.com), as well as software development for the healthcare and e-Commerce sectors. Webxloo invests heavily into technology in its research and development centers in the USA, Canada, Europe, South Africa, Japan, and proves with its more than 36 patents to be one of the leading companies in automotive remarketing technology, both retail and wholesale. Webxloo stands for fair use of technology and makes its proprietary solutions available to the industry through legitimate partnerships for mutual benefit and overall industry growth.

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Last updated on April 8th, 2022
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