Webxloo CRM provides you with an organized approach to better engage your customers, keep track of your sales team activity, respond in near-real-time and coordinated fashion.

Webxloo CRM for Every Business & Every Industry

Our core features such as Mobile CRM, Lead Escalation Wizard, Round Robin Lead Assignment, Billing & Invoicing, Calls & SMS, Desktop Notifications, Booking Calendar Integration, Behavioral Buying Analysis, WhatsApp Integration, Workflow Management, Lead Management, Sales Event Campaigning, Synchronization with MS Outlook, Lead Navigation, Google Maps Integration, Built-In Surveys & Charts, Integrated Chat System will help you to manage leads and improve conversions.


Webxloo CRM for Every Business & Every Industry
    Enhanced Interface
  • Experience first-hand the changes and the easy-to-use features
  • Access your CRM from the PC or mobile devices seamlessly
  • Stay connected with your customers and meeting calendar from anywhere
  • Appointment Scheduling Integration

  • Smart scheduling workflow
  • Allow your customers to dynamically schedule an appointment
  • Reserved availability to prevent double-booking
  • Desktop Notifications

  • Instant notifications on incoming new emails, chats, and leads
  • Synchronize mobile CRM alerts and notifications
  • Utilize the hover over feature to view more information

Webxloo is committed to continuous improvement of its products and modules of which we are excited to announce the upgrade to the CRM system. The new version will allow you to better engage your customers and keep track of your sales team activity and utilize the built-in workflow engine.

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WEBXLOO LLC Awarded Victory Judgment of Six-Figure Lawsuit Against Gavel Technologies Corp.

Last updated on June 17th, 2022
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