Thousands of people in the U.S. and the rest of the world have risen in favor of racial discrimination victims under the hashtag #StopHateForProfit.

Stop Hate for Profit Boycott Hurts Facebook Ads

This fight for racial justice has generated devastating protests and great division in the U.S., with enormous consequences, targeting in this case Facebook.

"Stop hate for profit" is an initiative created by civil rights groups and leading brands of the U.S. The purpose is to suspend Facebook advertising for the rest of 2020. The main reason is that this social media platform has allowed a separation climate, and even encourages hate speech without any control.

The initiative has called a boycott "not to advertise on Facebook until actions are taken" which hundreds of companies have joined, resulting in a Facebook stock drop 8% and the loss of about 7 billion dollars.

Facebook has responded by saying its investments in artificial intelligence has allowed the detection of more than 90% of hate speech. However, the company considers that it is necessary to work together with civil rights groups to improve the existing tools for detecting hate and racism throughout social media.

Waiting to know how this issue evolves, SEO professionals recommend implementing social media management services to keep an eye on movements and changes in the policy not only with Facebook, but Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and other social media.
Is imperative to be aware of the current situation and how it can affect the future positioning of your business social media accounts.

Some tips to increase your visibility online:

  • Review and update your content on social media
  • Check the links and shared information from other users on your social media pages
  • Let your audience know how your company is involved with social causes

As a business with an online presence, you must be attentive to movements in social networks and the events that occur in your setting since it could affect the visibility and even the online reputation of your brand if the events aren't considered.

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