Are you looking for alternatives to popular communication platforms to unite your teams that would be distraction-free and secure enough to store and transmit your corporate data? Here is WX Chat, the perfect chat app for business that will help your teams to cut through the noise and stay productive during the working hours and even past them.

What is WX Chat App for Business?

WX Chat acts as the conductor as it coordinates communication between your teams, eliminates unstructured messaging, and frees time for more productive work.

Being one of the main components of our robust unified communication system, WX Chat is the powerful engine of team productivity that eliminates any distractions and enables highly focused collaboration as your business develops and more employees join your workforces.
WX Chat: Distraction-Free Chat For Business

WX Chat Main Features:

  • Limitless business communication through direct messages or private/public groups
  • Video/Audio calls with screen sharing
  • Custom third-party integrations and advanced configurations
  • Voice and video messages
  • Real-time chats while on the go
  • Text and files sharing
  • Integration with Live chat
  • Groupable chats
  • Starred messages and favorite conversations
  • User statuses (online, away, busy, etc)
  • Search through chat history and files list
  • Editable messages
  • Notifications preferences for all chat rooms separately
  • ‘Unread on top’ feature
  • Different viewing modes
  • Customizable themes
  • Mentions, avatars
  • An ability to block particular users
  • Roles and permissions for each user (from the admin panel)

Today, many forward-looking companies are searching for chat software for business to partially or completely replace email and make their corporate interactions more lightweight and streamlined.
WX Chat corresponds to these needs on multiple levels as its excellent scalability and numerous features will allow 10, 100, 1000, and more employees to communicate in real-time from any devices.

What WX Chat Can Do For Your Business

Unify Your Teams

WX Chat’s mission is twofold: to serve as a corporate online business interactions universe, and to make these interactions familiar, more personal, and highly productive.

Your teams can brainstorm together to generate innovative ideas and game-changing solutions in a distraction-free and safe environment of WX Chat app for business.

Streamline Communications

WX Chat has different contacts and conversations viewing modes that allow any user to organize contacts and conversations in their own way to eliminate unstructured messaging and have a clutter-free communication environment.

The ability to star and pin important messages as well as search through the whole chat history in both one-on-one and public chats significantly reduces the time needed to locate any particular information ever received.

You can as well hide the channels that you don’t need at the moment but still have access to them any time.

Keep You In Touch Across Devices

WX Chat makes your messaging easy on any device. Managers can easily reach their teams and vice versa regardless of what device they are on once the WX Chat is installed. Instant notifications will alert any user about the incoming message or video chat invitation.

Improve Customer Service

Many robust custom third-party integrations and advanced configurations are available through WX Chat. It can be integrated with different systems such as Live Chat, CRM, workflow management and issue tracking tools, collaboration tools, etc for maximum performance.

For example, when your website visitors engage in Live chat, their requests are immediately forwarded to WX Chat to the available customer support representative. This way you can better serve your on-site visitors and always follow-up with leads with the speed of light.

Communication is a central part of your workflow. WX Chat is a perfect chat app for business that will help you to run your business interactions through one comprehensive reliable platform to streamline communications and boost team engagement.

Our customers that replaced email and social media platforms with WX Chat have seen a 30% increase in their team productivity over just 3 months and work issues resolved 2 to 3 times faster due to improved cooperation and information stored at one secure place.

If you want the same or even better results, migrate to our WX Chat! Contact us today for demo and pricing.

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