Today every self-respecting website owner goes above and beyond to get hold of a customer and to convert shopper into buyer. To reach this goal and make this process more effective many websites implement Live Chat.

Live Chat is an online user oriented service providing live support. Visually users see only Live Chat button or pop-up window with a form where they can ask a question or leave a comment. In fact, Live Chat service is a life ring for a user who faces a problem and needs an outside help or an instant feedback. Professional team of support specialists is always at hand and on the line.

Webxloo Live Chat is a revolutionary, innovative and breakthrough invention in the online help. Its work principle is very simple even for a kid to handle. User just clicks Live Chat button, leaves a question and the conversation with operator begins. Our Live Chat service is available in any language client would prefer.

Live chat conference is also a very convenient function. In case of necessity chat operator can involve two or more specialists to the client’s issue. In addition, live chat operators can be separated in different departments so it becomes easier to direct application to the necessary department.

One more useful feature is Auto-Invite, greeting pop-up window that is aimed to engage users to start a dialogue which is an additional advantage for website owners who strive for new clients.

A recently released Live Chat mobile application makes it possible to provide user with high quality live support on the go. Chat operators don't have to be tied to their desk anymore, Internet connection is the only thing that matters now. If there are no available operators a website visitor can fill in the offline form and his/her issue will be resolved asap. All chat correspondence is saved and easy to track. Our support team is always in touch and ready to help.

Live Chat is a great promoter for any business as it holds a direct conversation with users.System involves visitors into a big purchase and sale game where a casual visitor can become a devoted player. Webxloo Live Chat is an excellent assistant for those business owners who choose only best tools for their game.